Side Street Stories


December 22, 2022 drummis and Aron
Side Street Stories
Show Notes

We're on holiday hiatus from The Witness of Kitab al-Azif, but we offer a brief interlude with "Rooms" . . .

"When I first started making it, the design seemed too small, cramped, and uneven to be possible. Jory sat on my bed in the other corner of the room, blaring the radio and bobbing his head in that slow, quiet way he has of listening to loud, fast electronic music. When I turned around, I could only see his shaggy mop of black hair, the black T-shirt, and some of his neck in between, pale in and appealing. He was lit up by my bedside lamp, and even just looking at his neck made me want to kiss him..."

Nell, mom, bag lady - J. Rizzo
Jory -  drummis
Dad, teacher, old man - Aron Efimenko

Music and Sound by drummis
Written by Aron Efimenko
An alternate version of "Rooms" first appeared in theDF_underground
Art by Midjourney

For more music by drummis, see:

Stay tuned for the second half of the journey with Jon and his companion in The Witness of Kitab al-Azif . . . .

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