Side Street Stories

The Witness of Kitab al-Azif: Chapter 11. The King

May 29, 2023 drummis and Aron Season 2 Episode 11
Side Street Stories
The Witness of Kitab al-Azif: Chapter 11. The King
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Side Street Stories presents:

The Witness of Kitab Al-Azif
Chapter 11. The King

"In my travels through the gate, I witnessed a most horrifying event I can only describe as a "parade of madness." Whether this was organized as a purposeful public display, or my mind merely framed it as such in an effort to bring some order to the madness, I do not know. Immediately after my return, I cataloged the participants in this horrific parade through song (the only way I can effectively express my journey any longer).

(1) Strange "trumpets" coming from an unseen source introduced perhaps the unbelievable site of what is known as a "shoggoth," an immense amorphous mass of intelligent, foul, galumphing flesh;

(2) Servitors of the outer gods drove the shoggoth, as though in chains, with electronic sounding drums and flutes;

(3) The rhythm of the drums abruptly stopped and out of the woodwork of this dark city on the Lake Carcosa came what seemed like endless chanting cultists, all wearing yellow robes;

(4) Flying down from the purple sky were a group of buzzing Mi-Go, the fungi from Yuggoth, servants of the unspeakable King. They spooked the shoggoths which again began rolling their way through the streets of the deformed city;

(5) Star vampires descended as well, becoming visible only as they grabbed dozens of willingly sacrificed cultists and drank their blood until their wilted bodies dropped from the oozing grasp of the vampires;

(6) The Servitors changed the nature of their tune to one that clearly informed the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, and again from the sky came a large group of Byakhee, dancing a twisted, serpentine choreography to the sick, chaotic music;

(7) Finally, the unspeakable Yellow King made an appearance at the finale of the mad display, a description for whom for there are no words, bringing a thither of activity from the gathered creatures, human and otherwise.

At this point, I felt safer leaving through my gate to musically record what my mind could grasp of the insanity in the only way I know."

Jon - drummis
The Witness - Aron
The Aspect - J. Rizzo

Music and Sound by drummis
Written by Aron Efimenko

Based on the original album Incunabulum by drummis

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